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    1. Joel so nice to hear from you! It’s been a roller coaster. We moved from AZ to NC, hubby got a job in a military base. I went back to my country to visit family and be part of a Christian conference me and my ministry partners were hosting. And been busy discipling a group of 86 women. God has been doing so many amazing things, that’s why had to put the writing aside for a while.
      How are you brother? How’s your beautiful baby girl? Hope you’re doing awesome!

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      1. Oh wow! You’ve been busy sister! That sounds really cool though doing that level of ministry! I bet that’s fun! And rewarding for God. Good job! I’m good. Our baby is doing great, she said her first words this week and they were “dada!” 🙂 I couldn’t be more thrilled! Things are going good otherwise too. Work is stable and good. God has me ministering to a couple people up here and I’m getting pretty involved in our church. It’s good!

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      2. I have to say when I read about your baby saying her first words it put a smile in my face. What a great reward to hear ‘dada’😁
        So happy you guys are doing good and that you’re helping others as well brother. You have so much to give. It’s like you’re a box packed with gifts to give to others. I feel that very strongly in my spirit. Every hardship you have gone through has been strategically designed to unpack this treasure that is within you. You are and will be a blessing to many. Just keep walking.
        The Lord bless you!

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      3. You really speak the love of God. Seriously. I’m so glad to hear you are doing discipleship because I know there are a lot of women that will be taught by Christ through your words. And yes, such a great blessing to hear her first dada! I love it!!

        Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 That means a lot. It’s interesting you said that about a box packed with gifts to give to others. I’ve been struggling with this, I feel like that! I want to be that. I don’t have anybody to give them to! I mean I do, and I have, but most of the people who I have been able to connect with are believers whome I was in community with in past seasons but aren’t now, and due to just life’s circumstance, can’t do it again right now. And so it’s just weird Jireh. I don’t feel like there’s an outlet. I want to draw close in community to the people in my church community and the believers God’s placed in my path at work, but it’s just struggling to get off the ground, if that makes sense. You’ve been given a lot of wisdom it seems and I just wanted to at least ask if you’d go before our Lord to inquire him of that. What you told me last year about my being laid off from work as a gift was very true, like you were speaking truth there. God gave me that time off and it was wonderful. So I know Jesus is doing work through you! Thanks sister!

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      4. This is what is coming to my heart while reading you:

        Sometimes we are so stuck in the old ways of doing things that it makes it difficult to see that the old ways are not going to work with the new way. God is doing many things that are out of our boxes in this season. The technics we were used to use are now becoming obsolete and He is coming up with new fresh ideas on doing His work on earth.
        For instance, if we think we can only do ministry through church then we are limiting ourselves to the possibilities of many other ways of fulfilling our calling.
        Maybe, just maybe the Lord wants you to not look at the obvious and look at the unconventional. You have a great audience in WordPress for example. You are making an impact on 200 plus people every time you write. You can ask God for strategies concerning how to serve this group of people that is not little. No matter how they respond or even if they don’t hit the star button, the word of God NEVER returns void when delivered with Love.
        Ask God to show you where to serve him. I am pretty sure He will guide you. He hasn’t been training you for nothing. It’s always good to consider the timings of God though. We must ask/pray, wait, repeat. He will place you in the right place in due time.

        In my case God loves moving me around. I would be in a place for a season and then, when He finishes He moves me to another assignment. That can be scary sometimes but it has helped me to trust and mature in my faith. Your ability to stop and wait to hear direction is very important. If you want to do His will, He will help you get there for sure.
        Remember every son and daughter of the Lord has a ministry or a purpose and not all are through the church necessarily. Think out of the box 📦

        I will surely pray for you my brother. You might not see it right now but God will place you in the right place to do exactly what YOU are supposed to do. That’s the most important thing at the end. To be able to do what you were created to do in obedience to the Father. Like Jesus, remember? He didn’t do anything on His own. He only did what His Father told him to do or say.


      5. I take that back a little. I guess what I meant was I have been able to minister to unbelievers pretty successfully. The roadblock right now is that the believers that I am currently working side by side with in this season I am not really in community with. They don’t know me, closely, the way we are supposed to. And the ones whom I have been able to connect with recently, our season for in person community has passed for now. Does that makes sense? So I kinda feel limited in how I can give my gifts to others, even though I REALLY want to. I really want to love on those around me and be in relationship with them. It’s just not clicking. They’re either not interested or they’re put off. I thought maybe it was me. I post a lot of stuff that may be interpreted as me being a perfectionist, stuff about Hebrew and Greek and wrapping every little situation in Jesus’ grace and his gifts. And so I thought maybe they don’t want to be around me because I have this perfectionist image – which is FAR from the truth. It’s frustrating and I feel stuck and I’m not exactly sure what God is doing. I kinda feel alone in a giant party in the church. Sorry, for dumping this on you lol. But I figured since I saw you were back on here and you’ve spoken so much truth into my life in the past, I’d run it by your wisdom to get your thoughts. God bless you!

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      6. You know what I think is happening? God is clearing up the people around you to Connect you with new ones. God is realigning His people with new divine connections this season. It happened to me also.
        It’s important to understand that sometimes God puts certain people with you for a season and for a purpose but with and expiration date on them.
        I remember one time asking God to PLEASE connect me with likeminded people. I felt pretty alone for a long time. But now I can say I have around 3 people that speak life into my life and have my same mind concerning the things of God and walking in integrity. These kind of friends always tend to be few but that’s enough to walk and help each other to fulfill the purposes of God for your life. My suggestion is to ask. That’s what I did and it worked. God will connect you, watch.

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      7. That’s good. That’s really good. I had a hunch that might be what it is. I’m going to do just that, I’m going to ask him and see what he says. I’ve noticed that the few that do speak life are few and far between but I want that. Thank you so much! God bless you Jireh! If you’re in a season of blogging, I definitely look forward to reading more of your stuff. You speak a lot of life into others for God, that’s easy for me to see. God bless you!!


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